EU President To Britain: ‘We Will Not Be Intimidated By Your Threats’

European Council President Donald Tusk - Flickr/European People's Party

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, today warned the British government that threats of walking out of Brexit of negotiations ‘will not intimidate’ the European Union.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Tusk said that the 27 other EU countries “will not be intimidated by threats that no Brexit deal is good for UK & bad for EU.”

The comment came after some members of the government suggested that a walkout from negotiations is possible and may not be a bad scenario for the United Kingdom.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told Robert Peston that a ‘no deal’ scenario following negotiations would be a “perfectly ok” outcome.

Chair of the Foreign Affairs select committee, Crispin Blunt, warned Andrew Marr of “the real possibility of no deal” for Britain at the end of Brexit negotiations, adding that such an outcome would have “serious implications for businesses and individuals.”

Theresa May is expected to trigger Article 50 in the final week of March, which will begin the legal process of leaving the European Union and allow negotiations to proceed in Brussels.

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