Philip Hammond backs a hard Brexit, says Britain will leave the single market

Chancellor Philip Hammond at the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales - Flickr/Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Chancellor Philip Hammond, who backed the Remain campaign during the referendum and has spent his time in government reportedly briefing against leaving the single market, has today backed the government’s Brexit position as set out in Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech – a hard Brexit.

On the Andrew Marr show, Philip Hammond was asked whether Britain will definitely leave the EU and the single market, to which he replied: “Yes.”

“We’re leaving the EU, and because we’re leaving the EU, we’re leaving the single market. And, by the way, we’ll be leaving the customs union,” added the Chancellor, who seems to now be in tune with the hard Brexiteer likes of Boris Johnson and David Davis.

“The question is not whether we leave the customs union, the question is what do we put in its place in order to deliver the objectives which the prime minister set out in the Lancaster House speech of having no hardline border with Northern Ireland, and having freedom to move goods across the border with the EU,” said Hammond.

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