UK to ‘take back control’ of up to 200 nautical miles of fishing waters

Environment Secretary Michael Gove - Flickr/Policy Exchange

The government recently announced its intention to withdraw from the London fisheries convention, which allows other countries to fish in British waters.

The departure would mean France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands would no longer be allowed to fish within 12 nautical miles of Britain’s coastline.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove hailed the decision as Britain “taking back control”, adding that “we will have control. We can decide the terms of access.”

Gove added that as Britain leaves the European Union, it will also leave the EU common fisheries policy, meaning the British government could stop EU countries from fishing 200 nautical miles off the UK coastline.

“When we leave the European Union we will become and independent political state and that means that we can then extend control of our waters up to 200 miles or the median line between Britain and France, and Britain and Ireland,” Gove said.

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