WATCH: French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Attacks Theresa May




Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage landed an exclusive interview with a French Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, who’s set to win in the first round of the French Presidential election.

The far-right leader used the interview to attack Theresa May.

When asked whether she thinks Theresa May “snubbed” her by meeting her opponent Emmanuel Macron, Mrs Le Pen said that she does “not understand this inconsistency, this contradiction between what Theresa May stands for because she has decided to be the woman who will implement Brexit and her meeting with Emmanuel Macron,” a pro-business, pro-EU candidate who’s predicted to go head-to-head with Marine Le Pen in the second round of the election.

Le Pen applauded Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, saying: “Today, the UK is already reaping the benefits, all the benefits of this decision that the people made.”

“Thank you for showing us the way out from this huge prison which is the EU for the people,” she added.


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