WATCH: Spanish Foreign Minister Says Britain Should Keep Its Composure

Gibraltar rock - Flickr/IamRender


The Spanish foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, has called on Britain to keep its composure over the Gibraltar row.

“It’s not the Spanish government’s job to respond to each and every comment by any British politician, past or present.

“In any case, the Spanish government is a little surprised by the tone of comments regarding Gibraltar, coming out of Britain, which is a country known for its composure,” he said.

British sovereignty over Gibraltar was brought into question on Friday, when the EU’s draft negotiation guidelines stated that Spain would hold a veto on every EU-UK decision regarding Gibraltar.

Former Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, responded to the draft guidelines on Sunday, saying Britain would “show resolve” over Gibraltar and potentially go to war if the Spanish government attempted to seize sovereignty.

Downing Street refused to condemn Michael Howard’s comments on Monday, but ruled out the idea of Britain going to war over Gibraltar.

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