Amber Rudd: Britain Will ‘Likely’ Leave Europol

Home Secretary Amber Rudd - Flickr/Department of Energy and Climate Change

In a fiery exchange with Sky News presenter Adam Boulton, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Britain’s departure from Europol is a “likely” outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

“That’s likely to be the outcome, yes,” she said when asked whether Britain will seize being a member of Europol.

But the Home Secretary did emphasise the need to “have a relationship with Europol that allows us equal access”, noting that Britain is one of the largest contributors to Europol.

So what is Europol?

Europol, or the European Police Office, is a law enforcement agency that combats crime and terrorism by aggregating intelligence from its European member states.

Although Europol has no executive powers, it works as a valuable exchange-centre for international intelligence.

By leaving Europol, British intelligence agencies, such as MI5 and MI6, may reduce their intelligence contributions to Europol, diminishing their ability to fight crime and terrorism as a result.

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