Lib Dems Have Devised A ‘Hit-List’ Of Conservative MPs In Remain Constituencies: Report

Tim Farron at Liberal Democrat conference - Flickr/Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have devised a “hit-list” of MPs from constituencies with the highest Remain votes to target in the upcoming General Election, according to The Telegraph.

Singled out in the list are four Conservative MPs: Tania Mathias, Nicola Blackwood, Anne Main and Ben Howlett.

One of them, Tania Mathias, gained her seat from veteran Liberal Democrat Vince Cable two years ago. The former Business Secretary is expected to win back the seat of Twickenham in the snap election, which voted to remain in the EU by a whopping 69.29%.

With Theresa May adopting a hard Brexit stance, the Conservative seat has become fertile ground for the Liberal Democrats to make their comeback.

Though Tania Mathias will be able to seek comfort in the fact that she rebelled against her party and voted against Article 50. The other three MPs, however, didn’t take the same course of action and will undoubtedly have a harder time explaining on the doorstep to their majority Remain constituents.

The latest YouGov poll, released on Sunday, showed the Liberal Democrats at 12%, the highest level of support for the party since the 2010 election.

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